Hello, 2013! The new year often brings new resolutions: dropping a stubborn 5 lbs, giving up soda, tightening your budget or saying 3 positive phrases a day, just to name a few.

Most resolutions are health-related, which is why gym memberships are slightly more pricey in the new year and TV ads are focused on weight-loss pills and other gimmicks. We are constantly bombarded with ways to help us improve ourselves physically. That's where massage comes in!

Massage therapy is scientifically proven to increase circulation and flexibility, decrease stress, blood pressure and recovery time between workouts, as well as improve overall well-being. Need more reasons to incorporate massage into your resolution? Massage therapy releases endorphins, those happy-feeling chemicals, that will leave you feeling great, armed and ready to tackle your health and wellness goals in 2013.

Eighteen holes, rolling greens, a set of clubs, and your closest pals is probably the setting of your much sought-after weekend asylum. But aggressive tee-offs and repetitive motion can leave even the most avid golfers with residual soreness, a stiff low back and aches and pains in the elbows and forearms. Golfers may enjoy, crave and depend upon their sport, but the muscle over-use can wreck havoc on your body. That's why its imperative that golfers, rookie and pro alike, should incorporate massage in their sporting routine. 

Just a 30-minute session after the fact will help alleviate general soreness and provide much-needed relief for the over-strained, over-worked over-tired muscles, ligaments and joints. 

Whats the best treatment? Given the typical golfer complaints - low back, elbows and arms - concentrating on these areas with soft tissue release, gentle stretching and deep tissue work will increase the blood flow to the area, loosen up adhesions and improve muscle function. 

So the next time you're scheduled to tee off, schedule a massage the next day with Relax Tallahassee! 
Welcome, everyone! I've decided to incorporate a blog to (hopefully) address any questions or concerns my clients have, share the latest and greatest in the massage industry, and continually provide at-home techniques - like stretches - to help you enjoy a pain-free life! 

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